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8/27: Community Event

26 Aug 2018 9:35 PM | Priscila Barron Sanchez (Administrator)

The MHBA received an invitation from the community below:

My name is Tamara Ramirez-Torres and I am a teacher at El Colegio High School. We are on 42nd and Bloomington Ave. in South Minneapolis. As a way to motivate and show appreciation for our students, we have asked some predominant leaders of our community to join us in welcoming our students back to school. It is very important to us that our students see themselves represented in their community, and that they understand that they too can someday soon serve their community as well.

We would like to invite you to also join us in welcoming our students on Monday August 27th from *8:30 to 10:00 am and have a cup of coffee and a pastry with us.

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