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The MHBA and Joyce Preschool work in partnership to increase access to preschool education by funding scholarships for low-income Latino students.

In fall 2009, the MHBA Board of Directors voted to form a partnership with Joyce Preschool. As part of this partnership, the two organizations jointly launched a campaign for the MHBA/Joyce Preschool Scholarship Fund in order to ensure that low-income Latino children have access to quality preschool education.

The kick-off event, the Barristers’ Breakfast, was held at Joyce Preschool on November 11, 2009, and raised more than $2,000 for the MHBA Scholarship Fund. Our goal is to raise $8,000 annually, which will support the tuition of two children at Joyce Bilingual Preschool for their entire two years with the program. Now in its eighth year, the annual event brings together members and leaders of the greater MSP legal community to support the scholarship fund through this benefit breakfast. The Barristers’ Breakfast takes place annually on Veterans Day (or the Monday following a weekend holiday).

The breakfast recognizes the pipeline concept, which illustrates how diversity in the legal field depends on a diverse pipeline of prepared, talented students. Success means not only passing the bar exam, but achieving the requisite college, high-school, and elementary school milestones — all of which depend on the core foundation of being ready for school upon entry. Almost 60% of Latino children are not prepared when they arrive for their first day of kindergarten, and face an uphill battle in a system that struggles to effectively educate students of color and speakers of other languages.

Studies show that children who receive quality early childhood education are much less likely to be held back in school or need special education. These children are more likely to be literate by the third grade, to complete high school, to remain free from crime, to get a good job, and to support a family. Supporting early education at Joyce Preschool means supporting diversity in the professions and strengthening our community, one preschool student at a time.

During the 2016-17 school year, Joyce Preschool celebrates its 50th Anniversary. For more information on this milestone, visit www.joycepreschool.org/50years/

Please consider making a contribution to the MHBA/Joyce Preschool Scholarship Fund: http://www.joycepreschool.org/give/

For more information about Joyce Preschool, click here: http://www.joycepreschool.org/
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