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Please see the information below for the various MHBA Committees. Please consider joining a committee to continue the mission of the MHBA. 


The CLE Committee organizes CLE's open to members of the organization and in line with the mission and goals of the organization. To join the CLE Committee, please contact Zuri BAlmakund at zurizadaibalmakund@gmail.com.


The DIPC’s purpose is to advocate for Hispanic and Latino representation in leadership positions at firms and corporations.  The DIPC seeks to fulfill the MHBA’s mission to promote professional growth and opportunity for Latino law students and attorneys.  To aid in fulfilling this aspect of the MHBA mission, the 2015-2018 three-year strategic plan specifically tasked the DIPC to create a diversity report card of the largest law firms in Minnesota. The Diversity Report Card project is being modeled after the Austin, Texas program initiated by the Hispanic Bar Association of Austin and subsequently supported by Austin’s other affinity bars.  Austin’s Diversity Report Card project has achieved great success in increasing the number of Latino and minority attorneys in Austin’s largest law firms. As an example of Austin’s success, when the first report card in 2000 was issued by the HBAA, there were only 53 surveyed diverse attorneys practicing in the top 14 largest firms in Austin. By 2015, the top 24 largest law firms had increased that number to 195.  

During the past two years, the DIPC has had numerous meetings with leaders from Minnesota’s affinity bars (MABL, MNAPABA, MLBA, MIABA, and MWL) to sign on to the project.  As a result of these meetings,  the Diversity Report Card Committee (“DRCC”), consisting of members from Minnesota’s affinity bars, had its first meeting on February 5, 2017.  Currently the DRCC is in the planning stages towards creating a diversity report card with the hope to issue the report card sometime in 2018.  Because this project is such a large endeavor, subcommittees consisting of members from the affinity bars will be formed to aid in the completion of the project. This means there will be plenty of opportunities for MHBA members to get involved through the sub-committees.  

To join the DIPC, please contact Roger Maldonado at Roger.Maldonado@btlaw.com or Bryan Browning bbrowning@bassford.com.


The Gala Committee is charged with planning the MHBA’s annual gala event. This includes coordinating with speakers, the venue, and sponsors. The committee meets monthly with more frequent meetings the two months leading up to the gala, which usually takes place in late February or early March. Time commitments can be as little or as much as you are willing to undertake depending on the activities you sign up for. 

To join the GALA Committee, please contact Aleida Conners at aconners@fredlaw.com.


The MHBA proudly endorses qualified judicial candidates for appointment. MHBA endorses candidates at all levels of their judicial application process. Qualified MHBA members may formally apply for MHBA endorsement using the materials provided on our website. All endorsement requests must be completed by submitting an MHBA Judicial Endorsement Application.

Please review the MHBA Judicial Endorsement Policy for more information, and send completed Endorsement Applications to MHBA President Lariss Maldonado at lariss_maldonado@uhc.com or Melissa Muro LaMere at melissa.murolamere@maslon.com

The Judicial Endorsement Committee is currently full. 


To join the Legislative Affairs Committee, please contact Tamara Caban-Ramirez at tamara@cabanramirezlaw.com or Genevieve Plumadore at gmdavila@gmail.com.


The membership committee is responsible for member outreach and engagement. To join the Membership Committee, please contact Roger Maldonado at Roger.Maldonado@btlaw.com or Priscila Sanchez at priscila.sanchez@mitchellhamline.edu.


The MHBA Mentorship Program matches attorneys with law students to provide guidance and an introduction into the legal community in Minnesota. By matching law students and attorneys by area of interest, the Mentorship Program provides students with the resources to succeed as law students and future attorneys in the Minnesota legal community. First, the MHBA Mentorship Program provides students with the opportunity to learn more about the Latino/a legal community in Minnesota. Second, the valuable relationships that are formed will help students in their present and future job searches. Third, students are afforded the opportunity to have their resumes and writing samples reviewed by their mentors. Lastly, students have the option of having mock interviews in preparation for job interviews.

The MHBA has an annual mentor/mentee reception during the Fall Semester to introduce students to attorney mentors. The mentoring process can last well beyond the student’s law school career, and some mentor/mentees find themselves serving on the MHBA board together.Please visit the events section for more information.

To join the Mentorship Committee, please contact Priscila Sanchez at priscila.sanchez@mitchellhamline.edu.


The Newsletter Committee is responsible for publishing our monthly newsletter. To join the Newsletter Committee or to submit information you would like included in the newsletter, ideas for articles or articles for publication, please contact Kelvin Collado at KCollado@robinskaplan.com or Richard Greiffenstein at Richard.Greiffenstein@jacksonlewis.com.


The MHBA's Pro Bono committee is dedicated to connecting MHBA members to Minnesota's Latino community through pro bono legal representation, outreach efforts on a variety of legal & social issues, and by collaborating with local non profits and governmental organizations. 

Examples of prior events include: Labor & Immigration Rights presentations to communities in Austin and Worthington with ILCM and CLEs on the naturalizations process with Volunteer Lawyers Network.

To join the Pro Bono Committee, please contact Bryan Browning bbrowning@bassford.com and Tracy Grundman Reza at tracy.grundman@gmail.com.


The Promotions and Visibility Committee is focused on identifying opportunities to highlight and promote our members. This includes preparing award nominations and endorsements. To join the Promotions and Visibility Committee, please contact Tamara Caban-Ramirez at tamara@cabanramirezlaw.com.


To join the Public Relations Committee, please contact Lariss Maldonado at lariss_maldonado@uhc.com.


The website committee administers and maintains the MHBA Website in order for the website to be a current, relevant, and professional resource for MHBA members.

To join the Website Committee, please contact Roxy Gonzalez at Roxy.Gonzalez@bowmanandbrooke.com.


To join the 2020 HNBA Annual Convention Committee please contact, please contact Roger Maldonado at Roger.Maldonado@btlaw.com or Bryan Browning bbrowning@bassford.com.

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