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The MHBA Lifetime Achievement Award

The MHBA Lifetime Achievement Award is to recognize and honor a person who:

·         has made substantial contributions over an extended period of time to the practice and administration of law;

·         has achieved high status in the legal community;

·         has made outstanding contributions to the legal profession;

·         has demonstrated service to the Hispanic and legal communities;

·         is held in high esteem and regard by clients, colleagues, and the judiciary; and

·         practices with the highest ethical and professional standards.


Other criteria for evaluating nominees can include the following:

  • Service to the MHBA;
  • Professional achievements as a practicing attorney or judge;
  • Providing consistent leadership;
  • Achieved excellence in the practice of law;


This is not an award that needs to be given out every year.  The bar for this award is very high.  It is one that should only be given out when appropriate, and only for a lifetime of positive achievements.  It is to recognize those who have demonstrated a lifetime of work, not for a one-time achievement or success.  The first set of criteria are required; the second set can also be considered and can contribute to the decision, but are not required.

The two recipients for the MHBA Lifetime Achievement Award are: Manuel Guerrero and Salvador Rosas.


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