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Posted 10 months ago

The City of Minneapolis is the largest city in Minnesota and nationally recognized as a progressive city with a strong economy and a highly engaged and diverse populace. Minneapolis is well positioned for continued growth and prominence.

Learn about what makes Minneapolis great.


Our city operates with a Mayor-Council form of government. The Mayor and 13 City Council members from individual wards are elected for concurrent four-year terms. Department heads are nominated by the Mayor and appointed by the City Council. The City Attorney is responsible for providing a broad range of legal services to the City’s elected officials and staff, the City’s departments, and independent boards and commissions. They are charged with upholding the City Charter, Ordinances, and have a responsibility to protect the City’s fiduciary interest. The annual City budget is $1.7 billion, and there are approximately 4,000 employees. Minneapolis has faced many challenges over the past few years and is looking for employees who are committed to positive change.

City of Minneapolis employees faithfully serve the residents, businesses and visitors of the City every single day. Some jobs are more visible in the community while some are behind the scenes, but each employee at the City plays a role in keeping Minneapolis a vibrant place that tops many lists. Our employees look for ways to keep Minneapolis at the leading edge, offering services and policies that are more comprehensive, inclusive and progressive than the vast majority of cities. Our employees are a key reason why Minneapolis is a place where all people have an equitable opportunity for success and happiness.

Our purpose, to serve the residents, businesses and visitors of Minneapolis is at the foundation of everything we do. It shapes our priorities, our work, and our culture. It drives our employees to look for new ways to serve, creating an innovative and engaged culture.

The employees of the City of Minneapolis are aligned for a singular purpose – to serve our community.


The City Attorney’s Office includes a staff of 107 and is organized into two divisions: Civil and Criminal. The Civil Division provides a broad range of legal services to the City’s elected officials and staff, the City’s departments and independent boards and commissions. The Criminal Division prosecutes misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor and petty misdemeanor crimes within the City.


To enhance public safety, serve justice and vigorously represent the interests of the City of Minneapolis and its residents. 


Provide leadership and supervision for a complex department; responsible for all legal matters connected with City government, Departments and Boards, and protecting the City’s fiduciary interest.


 • Establish, develop and maintain department structure, administer policies and operational objectives in the areas of administration, finance and personnel.

• Review legal policies, opinions and official documents emanating from the Criminal and Civil Divisions.

• Develop a legislative program that will enhance the City’s ability to carry out its official duties and responsibilities.

• Provide direction for existing and the development of new programs and policies that have a direct relation to the City Attorney’s Office.

• Maintain knowledge and understanding of the legal ramifications of trends and issues that are on the forefront of municipal government.

• Develop and administer the annual work plan for the department.

• Review attorney performance reviews prepared by Deputy City Attorneys and establish individual performance improvement programs where appropriate.

• Review new Criminal Justice System directions and procedures and any corresponding changes in the division’s operations or priorities as they pertain to the day to day prosecutorial functions.

• Arbitrate disputes and evaluate inter-departmental differences on matters relating to City Legal issues.

• Attend seminars and meetings and make presentations as requested by City officials or other government agencies on legal topics and issues relevant to governance of the City.

• Promote participation in continuing legal education programs and public law presentations.

• Prepare and monitor annual department budget. Prepare required budget documents; monitor departmental budget expenditures and recommend reallocation of budget appropriations and expenditures necessary to accomplish short and long-term division, department and/or City goals.


The ideal candidate has outstanding and demonstrated experience in leading complex organizations through visionary, collaborative, and innovative management and partnership. Ability to think strategically and manage diverse and multiple functions,

including embracing change in a fast-paced, dynamic municipal environment. Knowledge of the city of Minneapolis and an understanding of its enterprise government structure is a plus. Excellent people skills and a demonstrated ability to lead, manage and supervise the work of others. Additional leadership characteristics include:

• Ensure organizational alignment around overall direction, priorities, objectives and plans through strategic leadership and engagement; balance internal and external stakeholder insights.

• Understands the concepts of institutional and structural racism and bias, and their impact on under-served and under-represented communities.

• Extensive knowledge of management principles and practices.

• Extensive knowledge of municipal operations, functions, ordinances and problems.

• Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships and collaborate with other government agencies and officials, neighborhood groups, Mayor, City Council, employees and the general public to achieve City goals.

• Ability to assemble, analyze and present facts and recommendations on City activities and problems.

• Excellent oral and written communication skills.

• Good creative and problem solving skills.

• Ability to organize and make decisions.

• Balance the need of strategic thinking and direction with the day-to-day management of the department.

• Understands when to be a facilitator, when to be a mentor, and how to delegate effectively.

• Has a high degree of integrity and a strong work ethic.

• Believes in the idea of public service and serving the residents of the city through excellent customer service and value-driven service delivery.

• Understands technical issues and has the ability to communicate that information effectively and with cultural competency.

• Ability to plan, organize, manage change and formulate and make difficult administrative decisions.

In addition, the City has adopted the following competencies for all leadership positions:

• FOCUS ON RESULTS: drive for results, establishes stretch goals, takes initiative;

• PERSONAL CAPABILITY: technical/professional expertise, solves problems and analyzes issues, innovates, practices self-development;

• CHARACTER: displays high integrity and honesty;

• LEADING CHANGE: develops strategic perspective, champions change, connects the group to the outside world;

• INTERPERSONAL SKILLS: communicates powerfully and prolifically, inspires and motivates others to high performance, builds relationships, develops others, collaboration and teamwork.

• CULTURAL AGILITY: demonstrates an awareness of, and sensitivity to, the needs and concerns of individuals from different perspectives, cultures, and backgrounds. These differences may include education, job preference, work style, race, gender, country of origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. Respects differences and adjusts behavior and communication style to best meet the needs of the group or individual. Accepts one’s own cultural identity and sees the value of other points of view; and

• STRIVES TO CREATE A RACIALLY EQUITABLE WORK ENVIRONMENT: develops policies, practices, and makes strategic investments to reverse racial disparity trends, eliminate institutional racism, and ensure that outcomes and opportunities for all people are no longer predictable by race. Through consistent behaviors and actions, fosters an equitable work environment. Creates fair and just opportunities and outcomes for all people.


Juris Doctorate Degree from an accredited Law school. Ten years experience in a large scale legal operation, which has included supervisory experience and exposure to public sector legal operations. Pass the Minnesota Bar Examination. Licensed to practice Law in State of Minnesota, State and Federal Courts.


This appointed position has a competitive compensation package. Salary ranges from $171,789 – $217,336 depending on experience. Benefits include health and dental insurance, flexible spending accounts, disability insurance, employee assistance program, vacation, sick leave, paid parental leave, pension plan and deferred compensation retirement savings.


The position will remain open until filled, and priority consideration will be given to candidates who apply by June 21, 2022. Qualified applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, and three references to the Search Committee at

The City of Minneapolis is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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