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Posted 2 years ago

The Office of the Federal Defender for the District of Minnesota in conjunction with the District Court, administers a Second Chair Training Program.

This Program, which officially began in 2007, is designed to provide training and mentoring to practicing attorneys interested in representing clients whom are provided counsel pursuant to the Criminal Justice Act. Goals of the Program include strengthening the District’s Criminal Justice Act Panel and ensuring that the Panel is more representative of the community we serve. The Program Coordinator is an independent contractor who is responsible for the daily administration of the Program.

The Program Coordinator’s duties fall into four categories: administrative, recruiting, training, and mentoring. The Coordinator is responsible for the daily administration of the Program. This includes reviewing the cases that will be assigned a mentee and helping to select and assign mentors and mentees to handle each case. In addition, the Coordinator will meet with mentors and mentees to assess the progress of their cases, the development of the mentees, and the areas in which the mentees need additional training and instruction. The Coordinator will develop training materials and programs for use in the Program. The Coordinator will conduct training seminars for the mentees, and when appropriate, recruit other presenters to instruct mentees. The Coordinator will play an active role in recruiting attorneys to be both mentors and mentees. The Coordinator will accept CJA appointments for up to five cases at a time and will act as the mentor for five mentees using those cases as the instructional vehicle. Ideally, the Coordinator will have the opportunity to mentor every mentee on one case so that he or she can personally observe the mentee’s development and additional training needs.

The Coordinator must be a member of the state and federal bar and in good standing. At least 10 years of federal criminal practice is required, preferably in the District of Minnesota. Significant teaching experience is also required. This may include teaching at law schools and/or CLEs.

The Coordinator is an independent contractor and not an employee of the District Court or the Federal Defender and thus is not eligible for federal employee benefits. The Coordinator will be paid an hourly rate for hours spent on administrative duties, developing and conducting training and performing other like tasks. It is anticipated that the Coordinator will spend approximately 10-15 hours each week on the administrative and training duties. The Coordinator will also have at least five CJA cases at a time with mentees. The funding for the Coordinator’s legal services on these cases will be CJA funds, billed at the CJA rate. The Coordinator may continue to engage in the private practice of law.

HOW TO APPLY: Please send a resume, legal writing sample and the names of three references to:
Katherian D. Roe, Federal Defender
U.S. Courthouse, 300 South Fourth Street
Minneapolis, MN 55415
Email to and identify the materials in the subject line as for the Second Chair position.
Applications from all qualified applicants are welcome.

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