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Summer Internship – Sagrado Corazón

Posted 3 years ago

We are looking to host up to four legal interns (unpaid) for up to 20 hours a week. Applicant with Spanish skills is a plus. Contact  Kathleen, tel: 612-442-2007.

The intern or interns will assist us on a project called 1+1+1, it is intended to provide short term (3-4 month) help with rent for tenants who have lost their jobs and need help to make their rent to avoid eviction. The project is to negotiate with the landlord to take 1/3 reduction in rent for 3 months while we contribute 1/3 of the rent and the tenant pays 1/3 until the tenant can work again. Service will be principally to Spanish speaking members and friends of the largest Spanish Catholic parish in Minnesota–Sagrada Corazon de Jesus, located in South Minneapolis. The pastor is Kevin McDonough and the organizing group includes 7 attorneys from Minneapolis and Philadelphia.

The volunteer(s) will provide initial interviewing and screening of applicants to determine the facts of each case; obtain a copy of any lease and notices from the landlord; the contact information with respect to both the tenant and landlord; whether there are other avenues of help, the tenant is likely to be able to regain employment so that the project funding will not be necessary after 3-4 months, and if there are other factors that might disqualify this applicant.

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