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Note to employers: There is no fee to post jobs. To have a job posted, please email a description in plain text (please no PDFs) to priscila.sanchez@mitchellhamline.edu.
  • 11 Dec 2018 6:12 PM | Priscila Barron Sanchez (Administrator)

    Stinson Leonard Street

    Associate – Private Business Division, Minneapolis, MN

    Stinson Leonard Street LLP is seeking an Associate with two to five years of experience to join the Private Business Division in our Minneapolis office.

    Qualifications Required:  Active Minnesota attorney license required. Qualified candidates will have two to five years of relevant experience, possess excellent academic credentials and have strong writing, analytical, organizational, and communication skills.

    Relevant experience includes significant experience in connection with mergers and acquisitions, contract negotiations, ownership matters, corporate governance, entity selection and formation, business succession planning, and private equity transactions.

    To Apply:                     Please apply online at https://recruiting.stinson.com .

    For questions, please contact Anna Lloyd, Attorney Recruiting Manager, recruiting@stinson.com .

    Stinson Leonard Street is an EEO employer. We encourage qualified minority, female, veteran and disabled candidates to apply to be considered for open positions. We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package. We conduct criminal background checks of all individuals offered employment.

  • 03 Dec 2018 10:29 AM | Aleida Conners (Administrator)

    The Minnesota Supreme Court is seeking lawyers and non-lawyers to serve as members of the Commission on Judicial Selection.  The Governor and the Supreme Court select the members of the 49-member commission that reviews and evaluates applications for vacancies in district court judgeships.   The Supreme Court selects two at-large members to address all judicial vacancies and two members (one lawyer, one non-lawyer) for each of the state’s ten judicial districts who address vacancies in their district. The commission must recommend to the governor between three and five nominees for each judicial vacancy no more than 60 days after receipt of notice of the vacancy.  Applicants are being sought for the following vacancies:

    At- Large Position             Non-Attorney Member

    First Judicial District         Non-Attorney Member and Attorney Member

    Second Judicial District     Non-Attorney Member and Attorney Member

    Third Judicial District        Non-Attorney Member

    Fourth Judicial District      Non-Attorney Member

    Fifth Judicial District         Attorney Member

    Sixth Judicial District        Non-Attorney Member

    Seventh Judicial District    Non-Attorney Member and Attorney Member

    Commission members are expected to actively participate. They receive no compensation or reimbursement for expenses. Commission members must live in the judicial district which they serve.

    Applicants interested in appointments to these position must submit a letter detailing their background. Applicants for attorney vacancies must also include documentation demonstrating an active license to practice law in Minnesota.  Resumes are welcome but not required. Applications must be received by 4:30 p.m., Wednesday, December 26, 2018.

    Letters can be e-mailed to AnnMarie S. O’Neill, Clerk of the Appellate Courts, at mjcappellateclerkofcourt@courts.state.mn.usor mailed to 305 Minnesota Judicial Center, 25 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55155.


  • 03 Dec 2018 10:27 AM | Aleida Conners (Administrator)

    Applications Sought For Two Supreme Court Appointments to the Compensation Council

    Applications are sought for 2 appointments by the Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court to the Compensation Council established by Minnesota Statutes § 15A.082.  The council, which will convene in January 2019, is responsible for prescribing salaries for Minnesota’s constitutional officers, justices of the Supreme Court, judges of the Court of Appeals and the district courts, and the heads of certain state and metropolitan agencies.  Eligibility for appointment to the Council is established by section 15A.082, subdivision 2.  In addition, members appointed to the Council must be available for meetings that begin in January 2019, with reporting deadlines by April 1, 2019.  The Council’s duties are further described in section 15A.082, which is attached to this Notice.  The Legislative Coordinating Commission will provide administrative and support services for the Council.

    The Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court appoints eight nonjudge members of the Council.  Members are compensated at a rate of $55 per day spent on council activities, when authorized by the council, plus expenses in the same manner and amount as authorized by the commissioner’s plan adopted under section 43A.18, subdivision 2.  Members, who as a result of time spent attending council meetings, incur child care expenses that would not otherwise have been incurred, may be reimbursed for those expenses upon council or committee authorization.

    Appointments to the council will be made between January 7, 2019, and January 15, 2019.

    Persons interested in being appointed to the council should send a letter of interest and a curriculum vitae to AnnMarie S. O'Neill, Clerk of the Appellate Courts, 305 Minnesota Judicial Center, 25 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55155 or via email to mjcappellateclerkofcourt@courts.state.mn.us  The letter of interest must include sufficient information to demonstrate that the applicant satisfies the membership criteria listed in section 15A.082, subdivision 2, and can fulfill the time commitment required for the council to meet the deadlines established by section 15A.082.

    Applications must be received no later than 4:30 pm on Wednesday, December 26, 2018.   



    Subdivision 1.Creation.

    A Compensation Council is created each odd-numbered year to assist the legislature in establishing the compensation of constitutional officers, justices of the Supreme Court, judges of the Court of Appeals and district court, and the heads of state and metropolitan agencies included in section 15A.0815.


    Subd. 2.Membership.

    The Compensation Council consists of 16 members: eight nonjudges appointed by the chief justice of the Supreme Court, of whom no more than four may belong to the same political party; and one member from each congressional district appointed by the governor, of whom no more than four may belong to the same political party. Appointments must be made after the first Monday in January and before January 15. The compensation and removal of members appointed by the governor or the chief justice shall be as provided in section 15.059, subdivisions 3 and 4. The Legislative Coordinating Commission shall provide the council with administrative and support services.


    Subd. 3.Submission of recommendations.

    (a) By April 1 in each odd-numbered year, the Compensation Council shall submit to the speaker of the house and the president of the senate salary recommendations for constitutional officers, justices of the Supreme Court, and judges of the Court of Appeals and district court. The recommended salary for each other office must take effect on the first Monday in January of the next odd-numbered year, with no more than one adjustment, to take effect on January 1 of the year after that. The salary recommendations for judges and constitutional officers take effect if an appropriation of money to pay the recommended salaries is enacted after the recommendations are submitted and before their effective date. Recommendations may be expressly modified or rejected.

    (b) The council shall also submit to the speaker of the house and the president of the senate recommendations for the salary ranges of the heads of state and metropolitan agencies, to be effective retroactively from January 1 of that year if enacted into law. The recommendations shall include the appropriate group in section 15A.0815 to which each agency head should be assigned and the appropriate limitation on the maximum range of the salaries of the agency heads in each group, expressed as a percentage of the salary of the governor.


    Subd. 4.Criteria.

    In making compensation recommendations, the council shall consider the amount of compensation paid in government service and the private sector to persons with similar qualifications, the amount of compensation needed to attract and retain experienced and competent persons, and the ability of the state to pay the recommended compensation.


    Subd. 4a.Constitutional officers.

    No constitutional officer whose compensation is set under this section may receive monetary compensation for unused vacation or sick leave accruals.


    Subd. 5.

    [Repealed, 1987 c 404 s 191]


    Subd. 6.Expiration.

    Each Compensation Council shall expire upon submission of the recommendations required by subdivision 3.


    1983 c 299 s 8; 1984 c 654 art 2 s 42; 1Sp1985 c 13 s 93,94; 1988 c 686 art 1 s 43; 1991 c 22 s 1; 1991 c 345 art 1 s 51; 1992 c 592 s 4; 1994 c 560 art 2 s 7,8; 1994 c 628 art 1 s 2; 1995 c 236 s 1; 2Sp1997 c 3 s 18; 1998 c 254 art 2 s 4,5; 2013 c 124 s 3-6; 2013 c 142 art 6 s 6-8; 2014 c 312 art 4 s 4-6


  • 03 Dec 2018 10:26 AM | Aleida Conners (Administrator)

    Chief Deputy Attorney General Applicants Sought:

    Attorney General-Elect Keith Ellison seeks candidates for the position of Chief Deputy Attorney General.  The Chief Deputy will work with the Attorney General to manage the 300+ person staff, focusing specifically on managing, recruiting and retaining assistant attorneys general and supporting staff. The Chief Deputy advises the Attorney General; provides strategic advice about ongoing cases; oversees initiatives of the Attorney General’s office; manages the Attorney General’s budget; and serves as a liaison between the Attorney General’s office and stakeholders including the Governor, the client agencies, the courts, the legislature, and members of the state-wide community. 


    Required Qualifications/Experience:

    • -        Licensed to practice law and in good standing with the Minnesota Bar
    • -        Prior management experience, preferably including managing lawyers and legal issues
    • -        Prior trial and appellate experience
    • -        Experience with civil litigation and knowledge of criminal justice system.
    • -        Familiarity with state and local government
    • -        Interest in public policy and constructive political engagement
    • -        Character and judgment that reflects the highest professional standards, integrity, and commitment to diversity

    Interested applicants should submit the following via email to Richard Allyn at RAllyn@robinskaplan.com:

    • -        Cover letter
    • -        Resume
    • -        Completed Application
    • -        Up to three references and/or letters of recommendation

    Materials must be received by December 6, 2018.

    Attorney General-Elect Keith Ellison’s Transition Committee will hold interviews on December 13-14, 2018.

    Application for Minnesota Chief Deputy Attorney General:

    Name:          ___________________________________________________________

    Address:          ___________________________________________________________

    Phone:          ___________________________________________________________

    Email:           ___________________________________________________________

    MN Attorney License Number:           ____________________________________

    Current Employer:           ________________________________________________

                  Position:                ________________________________________________

                  Dates of Employment:              __________________________________________

                  Employer Address:     __________________________________________


                  Office Phone:                __________________________________________

    What percentage of your practice has been in management?       ______________

    What percentage of your practice has been in civil or criminal law?      _________

    Identify three clients for whom you have provided significant professional services, including phone numbers and email addresses:

    1. ______________________________________________________________________

    2. ______________________________________________________________________

    3. ______________________________________________________________________  

    Identify three judges before whom you made significant appearances:

    1. ______________________________________________________________________

    2.  _____________________________________________________________________

    3.  _____________________________________________________________________

    List and describe significant community activities:  

  • 13 Nov 2018 6:40 PM | Priscila Barron Sanchez (Administrator)

    Senior Associate General Counsel/Associate/Assistant

    The Office of the General Counsel (OGC) is seeking a skilled, client-focused and experienced lawyer with excellent academic credentials to advise and represent academic departments and business units in complex business transactions.  The title under which the successful candidate will initially serve will depend on years of relevant experience. 

    The successful candidate will report to the General Counsel and the Director of the Transactional Law Services Group, and will be resident in OGC’s Minneapolis office. The following are examples of matters on which the lawyer holding this position may be asked to provide advice, though it is not a requirement that a candidate claim significant expertise in all of them:

    • ·        Commercial transactions (e.g., agreements to purchase or sell goods or services, agreements governing large gifts, archive agreements, agreements commissioning public works of art)
    • ·        Regulatory compliance and corporate law and governance (e.g., retirement plan governance, formation of business entities and corporate affiliations, mergers and dissolutions)
    • ·        Finance and securities transactions (e.g., serve as issuer’s counsel in debt offerings, including negotiation of underwriting agreements; work with the Office of Investments and Banking in the purchase and sale of securities)
    • ·        Work with the Office of University Relations in matters of University image, marketing, and branding, including the use and protection of University trademarks
    • ·        Asserting, responding to and resolving commercial disputes (but not including representing the University in litigation or arbitration of such disputes); and
    • ·        Development of internal University policies and practices

    Required: The successful candidate must possess each of the following:

    • ·        A Juris Doctorate granted by an ABA accredited law school
    • ·        Admission to and good standing in the State Bar of Minnesota or eligibility for prompt admission
    • ·        Highest level of integrity and professionalism
    • ·        An ability to independently manage and prioritize work
    • ·        Excellent written and oral communication skills
    • ·        A minimum of five years’ experience as a lawyer advising clients on commercial transactions

    Desirable: It is preferred that the successful candidate demonstrates:

    • ·        Strong analytical and interpersonal skills and cross cultural competencies
    • ·        Having worked collegially and professionally in a diverse environment with peers, subordinates and clients
    • ·        A familiarity with tax laws applicable to tax-exempt organizations
    • ·        An understanding of trademark and other intellectual property laws.

    Applications must be submitted online.  For a full description and to apply, please see the University of Minnesota Employment website at https://humanresources.umn.edu/jobs and search for job ID 327061.  Equal Opportunity Educator and Employer.

  • 13 Nov 2018 6:39 PM | Priscila Barron Sanchez (Administrator)

    Stinson Leonard Street

    Corporate Finance Associate, Kansas City, MO or Minneapolis, MN

    Description:               Stinson Leonard Street LLP is seeking an Associate with two to five years of experience to join the Corporate Finance Division in our Kansas City, Missouri or Minneapolis, Minnesota offices.

    Qualifications Required:  Active Missouri or Minnesota attorney license required. Qualified candidates will have two to five years of relevant experience (as described below), possess excellent academic credentials and have strong writing, analytical, organizational, and communication skills.

    Relevant experience includes significant experience in connection with securities law compliance and corporate governance matters and capital markets, mergers and acquisitions and private equity transactions. More specifically, candidates should have experience with the following:

    • ·        Reviewing and providing advice with respect to Forms 10-K, 10-Q and 8-K, as well as proxy statements
    • ·        Providing advice on corporate governance matters
    • ·        Serving in a mid-level associate or lead associate capacity with respect to public and/or private offerings of equity and debt securities
    • ·        Serving in a mid-level associate or lead associate capacity with respect to merger and acquisition transactions
    • ·        Serving in a mid-level associate or lead associate capacity with respect to control-position and minority position investments by private equity fund clients

    Apply online at https://recruiting.stinson.com. For questions, contact Anna Lloyd, Attorney Recruiting Manager, recruiting@stinson.com.

    Stinson Leonard Street is an EEO employer. We encourage qualified minority, female, veteran and disabled candidates to apply to be considered for open positions. We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package. We conduct criminal background checks of all individuals offered employment.

  • 13 Nov 2018 6:37 PM | Priscila Barron Sanchez (Administrator)

    Status:  Full Time Faculty Position

    Mitchell Hamline School of Law invites applications for Director of Legal Writing. The successful candidate will join a vibrant faculty in a growing school and will be responsible for the required first-year legal research and writing course, currently titled Lawyering: Advice and Persuasion. This is a full-time, year-round, faculty position and the successful candidate will be offered a presumptively renewable contractual position consistent with ABA standard 405(c). Competitive salary and benefits package commensurate with experience.

    We seek a director with the desire to build on the school’s existing program to create an outstanding first-year legal writing curriculum in each of the school’s enrollment options. The school’s enrollment options include full-time day, part-time evening, and three blended learning programs: the Hybrid program, the Executive JD, and the weekend program. (Blended learning programs include between 30% and 50% of instruction through distance learning.)

    The school’s legal writing program is currently an adjunct-model, so the director will have responsibility for oversight and training of adjunct faculty. The faculty has voted in concept to move from an adjunct-model toward a full-time faculty model, and the director’s vision for the program will play a large role in determining the programmatic and staffing changes. In addition, duties will include providing leadership to the program and teaching classes. The director will develop collaborative relationships with first-year doctrinal faculty and the school’s Academic Excellence department, as well as other constituencies.

    Applicants for the position must have a JD degree, a strong academic record, excellent writing skills, and at least eight years professional work experience post-JD. At least two years supervisory or directing experience is preferred. Qualified individuals must also have an interest or expertise in online education and instruction.

    Mitchell Hamline School of Law is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity and inclusion. We are especially interested in candidates who can contribute to the diversity and excellence of the campus community, as well as candidates who wish to work in a collaborative atmosphere with faculty and staff who have a commitment to excellence in teaching, service, pro bono engagement with the community, and scholarship.

    To apply, please submit the following via email to hr@mitchellhamline.edu: 1) a cover letter discussing your interest in the position and reasons for wanting to direct the school’s legal research and writing curriculum; 2) resume; 3) law school transcript with class rank; 4) a sample of your legal writing (five to fifteen pages); and 5) names, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses of three references. In addition, recent teaching evaluations are welcome. For further information, please email hr@mitchellhamline.edu or call 651-290-6447. The committee will begin reviewing applications December 1, 2018 until the position is filled.

    Members of under-represented groups are encouraged to apply. AA/EOE.

  • 13 Nov 2018 6:33 PM | Priscila Barron Sanchez (Administrator)
    Job Details

    Requisition Number 18-0051
    Title Corporate Associate
    City Minneapolis
    State MN
    Description We are seeking an individual with at least 3-4 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions, securities transactions, and general corporate and commercial law to join our Mergers & Acquisitions group.
    Requirements Excellent interpersonal, analytical and writing skills along with strong academic/professional credentials are essential. Proficiency in reading, writing and speaking Spanish is desired, as well.

    Apply here!

  • 13 Nov 2018 6:32 PM | Priscila Barron Sanchez (Administrator)

    Counsel I

    (Open to Public)



    Application Deadline: 11/9/2018         


    Status:  Fulltime Regular Benefit-Eligible              

    Salary: $58,565 Minimum Annual

    Office:  Senate Counsel, Research and Fiscal Analysis                   

    Reports To: Tom Bottern - Director, Senate Counsel, Research and Fiscal Analysis 





    ·         Provides nonpartisan professional and legal counsel to Senators and staff.

    ·         Works within a nonpartisan office as part of a staff team that includes an analyst, fiscal analyst, and another counsel assigned to the Senate Health and Human Services Committee; topical area assignments include human services welfare programs, child protection services, adoption assistance, child care, mental health, and chemical dependency programs.

    ·         Drafts bills and amendments; reviews and evaluates proposed legislation.

    ·         Responds to questions regarding current and proposed laws, including related legal research.

    ·         Serves as information resource for the Senate in assigned topical areas.




    ·         Law degree and admission to practice in Minnesota in good standing.

    ·         Relevant professional experience desired.

    ·         Knowledge of federal, state, and local government organization and functions.

    ·         Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with legislators and others.

    ·         Ability to draft legislation that accurately reflects legislative requests.

    ·         Ability to provide options for legislative action while remaining objective, nonpartisan, and professional.

    ·         Strong analytical skills and excellent written and oral communications ability are essential.

    ·         Ability to work long hours under extreme deadline pressure.

    ·         Strong organizational and time management skills.




    Provides Senate committees and individual Senators with nonpartisan legal research and analysis, policy analysis, and drafting of bills, resolutions, and amendments. Serves as legal counsel to one or two committees of the Senate, working in a team arrangement with assigned legislative analysts and fiscal analysts. Performs other duties as assigned.


    I.                     ACCOUNTABILITIES:



    1.   Organize and carry out independent and specialized legal research for Senators and Senate committees. 

     2.   Review and evaluate draft legislation.

     3.   Draft bills, resolutions and amendments.

     4.   Summarize and analyze bills and amendments for technical accuracy.

     5.   Provide assistance to Senators with bill presentation in committee, conference committee or on the Senate floor.

    6.   Respond to legal questions on issues during committee meetings and hearings.

     7.   Prepare and present testimony upon request.

     8.   Coordinate interim studies assigned to committees.

     9.   Respond to constituent and other inquires at the request of a Senator when the inquiry relates to current law or proposed legislation.

    10.  Identify and research issues in anticipation of legislative proposals.

    11.  Appear at court proceedings and administrative agency hearings in support of legislative positions.

    12.  Maintain a basic knowledge of applicable local, state, and federal programs and related research and literature.

    13.  Perform other duties as assigned.



    1.                Exercises good judgment in handling situations.

    2.                Observes the Senate's Code of Conduct and Ethics.




    1.                Takes initiative and responsibility for results of tasks.

    2.                Independently solves problems and is resourceful.



    Accomplishes work to meet job requirements.



    1.                Develops and maintains collaborative work relationships.

    2.                Is a team member.

    3.                Respects coworkers and supervisor.



    1.                Projects professional demeanor.

    2.    Responds to needs of Senate offices, external organizations or individuals.

    3.                Communicates effectively.



    1.                Is reliable and trustworthy.

    2.                Perform work with minimal supervision.



    1.                Learns new tasks willingly.

    2.                Responds positively to change.


    II.                    QUALIFICATIONS:



    1. Law degree.

    2. License to practice in Minnesota.



    Experience in government or private practice preferred.



    1.    Possess a good understanding of federal, state, and local government organization and functions.

    2.                Able to conduct basic legal research to provide balanced analysis.

    3.    Ability to draft legislation that accurately reflects legislative requests.

    4.    Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with legislators and others.

    5.    Ability to help develop effective courses of action while remaining objective, nonpartisan, and professional regarding all legislative matters.


    III.                   PHYSICAL/MENTAL DEMANDS:

                           Ability to work long hours under pressure and with others under stress.





    Ability to maintain composure and work cooperatively under the pressure of tight deadlines.

  • 13 Nov 2018 6:30 PM | Priscila Barron Sanchez (Administrator)


    Contract Compliance Specialist

    $49,569 to $72,788 Annually

    St. Paul, MN

    How would you like to monitor and evaluate compliance with equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws, guidelines, and policies to ensure employment practices and contracting arrangements give equal employment opportunity without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability ?  At MnDOT we will provide you with a lot of variety. Our work is interesting.  In this position you will also:

    ·       Provide oversight for the progress and achievements of contractors towards state EEO program goals, and work with agency partners such as Minnesota Department of Human Rights.

    ·       Assist MnDOT in fulfilling its obligations as required under the federal EEO Program and ensure compliance with 23 CFR 200 and Executive Order 11246, Title VI and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Minn. Stat. §363A.36, and Minnesota Administrative Rules part 5000.

    ·       Travel is required during the construction season.


    We offer excellent employee benefits, such as low-cost health and dental insurance, and affordable dependent coverage. Other benefits include:

    • ·       11 paid holidays per year
    • ·       Earn up to 29 paid vacation days a year
    • ·       Earn 13 days paid sick time
    • ·       Defined pension plan
    • ·       Paid life insurance
    • ·       Short & long-term disability available
    • ·       Training opportunities
    • ·       And more!


    We are driven to find talented, innovative employees for Minnesota’s nationally recognized transportation system. We work to build the best team in the transportation industry to ensure that Minnesota thrives with a safe, sustainable and leading edge transportation system. You will be surrounded by a diverse community of experts, each driven by challenging work and motivated by the greater good.  You will understand the impact of the work you are doing and be able to see the benefit you are providing to the citizens of Minnesota.  You can set your sights high and use your strengths to grow within the organization. MnDOT offers superior health and retirement benefits as well as a solid commitment to work-life balance, which provides you the tools to thrive both at work and outside of work.


    A Bachelor’s degree and two years of professional experience OR three years professional experience that demonstrates the following:

    ·       Contract administration, regulatory compliance, or other work related to interpreting and applying government regulations, rules and policies;

    ·       Experience analyzing information sufficient to determine accuracy and compliance;

    ·       Ability to perform independently, adapt to evolving priorities, and operate as a member of a collaborative team;

    ·       Written verbal communication skills sufficient to share complex information in plain language;

    ·       Strong interpersonal skills sufficient to establish and maintain positive working relationships with others including internal and external stakeholders;

    ·       Experience utilizing databases sufficient to update, track, and analyze information;

    ·       Proficiency using Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint; and

    ·       Must possess a Class D driver's license and have the ability to drive throughout the State of Minnesota. 

    APPLY ONLINE BY 11/13/2018:

    1. Go to www.mn.gov/mmb/careers/
    2. Click “External Applicants”.
    3. On the Job Search, enter the Job Opening ID 27879 in the Keywords search box and click Search. 
    4. Click on the Job Title to view the job posting.
    5. Click Apply.


    Only applicants received on mn.gov/mmb/careers/ will be considered.


    Lena Garcia, MnDOT Recruitment Specialist



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